Authenticity vs Ego/Fear

by Darcy G. Shenfield

Authenticity is being true to yourself; knowing, accepting and living in alignment with who you are. By living authentically, you’re making a statement of “I am”. The opposite is making a statement of “I am not.”

Contrasting authenticity, “I am not” becomes your reality when you forget and reject yourself.

The outcome is that you end up living a lie, instead of your truth. Living a lie sounds harsh but it’s appropriate for what happens.

Let’s take a closer look. In simple terms, if you’re not making the statement of I am, then you’re making a statement that is less than yourself or greater than yourself. A concept that fundamentally describes living this lie is Ego/Fear.

Ego and Fear are two sides of the same coin.

The Ego point of view is “I am superior”
Ego doesn’t choose to see who you really are, but instead, inflates you to a level of being more important or better than others.

The Fear point of view is “I am inferior”
Fear blocks you from seeing who you really are, replacing that with a point of view focused on being less than others. For example, seeing yourself as not being enough – not attractive, lovable, or smart enough.

Simultaneous Ego/Fear Paradox
The two-sided coin metaphor is even more apt when you consider that you can have both Ego and Fear at the same time. You can view yourself as superior to one person at the same time that you feel inferior to another person. You can even feel superior to a person while, at the same time, feeling inferior to that same person. This is the power of the mind. The mind is a very creative force.

When combined with a less than supportive and loving culture, the mind can override your heart, your intuition, your spirit, and your drive.

The antidote is taking measures to quiet your mind and ground yourself in who you truly are.

This is the reason why so many people take time each morning to meditate, say their affirmations, pray and/or soak in their written statement of who they are and what is important to them. Then when the chaos and complexity of the day intrudes, they are more likely to stick to their authenticity and not convert to ego/fear.

During the day, a simple way to ensure you stay with your authenticity is to not judge. Always assume that the person in front of you is your equal and you are their equal.

No one is less than, no one is more than. This includes not judging yourself nor the events surrounding you.

Even simpler, say this to yourself…I am. Can you feel the power of those two little words? It feels powerful because it’s true, because you are powerful, therefore you feel it.

By contrast, I am not, doesn’t carry the same power. It might even feel a little sad or empty, because it’s false and hollow.

In the end…I am. So are you.

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