Darcy G. Shenfield

Darcy Shenfield is a Corporate Trainer and Authentic Leadership Coach who helps organizations operate at their best, aligning personal and professional goals for a clear vision toward outstanding results. A facilitator of visionary leadership, Darcy founded Authenticity Academy to help individuals find fulfillment. His desire to fix the breakdown in communication and leadership in the workplace, along with a lack of employee engagement, led him to develop his first coaching model in 2000. After 20 years of coaching and 2 years of a Ph.D. focused on self-actualization and bringing forward the whole employee to fully engage at work, he’s expanded that methodology to transform the trajectory of entire organizations.

With an MBA in General Management and an Honors Diploma in Computers Systems Technology, Darcy brings strategic, left brain analytical thinking and corporate experience into his whole-hearted coaching methods. He unites organizations and hardwires companies for trust and loyalty – getting entire teams on task and generating their ultimate output. Darcy believes authenticity is the key to game-changing and long-lasting organizational leadership, and that the measurable results of a business or organization depends on the strength of its people. He derives great purpose from engaging the most productive, innovative, human resources and inspiring the culture of a company to lead and perform at its authentic best.